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Useful help and advice

Chinese research post mortem is that virus enters via throat, and stays there for 3-4 days, then goes to lungs producing thick mucus which blocks airways.

Drink hot liquids as much as possible – coffees, soups, teas, warm water

Sip of warm water every 20 mins as that drains virus to stomach (where dies) rather than go to lungs.

Antiseptic gargle daily eg warm water with vinegar / lemon / salt

Is attaches to hair and clothes, but detergent kills it. So if you have been out, go straight to bath or shower – do not sit down first.

If you can’t wash your clothes daily, hang them in direct sunlight as that breaks it down

Wash metallic surfaces well as can last for 9 days – be especially careful with door handles and handrails.

Don’t smoke

Wash hands every 20 mins in warm water with soap which foams. Wash for 2 minutes.

Eat fruit and veg. especially those with zinc and vitamin C

Animals do not spread it to humans, it is human to human

Avoid getting normal flu if you can

Avoid drinking cold things

If you get a sore throat, attack it immediately as above.