Cabins, Camping & Glamping

Nurturing our nature


Living and working so close to nature, we work hard to put back into our environment at least as much as we take out of it. From the basics of recycling as much as we can and composting food waste, to running a low energy site including using solar and LED lighting and harvesting the abundant British rainwater, being eco-friendly is what we constantly try to achieve. 

Our Commitment

Maintaining the land

Despite not being registered as an Organic farm, we manage and maintain the land without the use of chemicals and pesticides. All of our beloved animals are nurtured and free range.

Letting Nature in


We have deliberately created an off grid environment where our guests can truly switch off and relax.  Escaping from the constant lure of checking emails or updating social media allows our guests to really reconnect with their natural surroundings and immerse themselves in the beautiful countryside. 

Environmental Travel

The Dartmoor Line

After nearly 50 years the Dartmoor Line has just re-opened running between Okehampton and Exeter, with a two hourly daily service. This means you are now able to holiday at Oak Tree Lane without a car and be even more environmentally friendly and arrive for your digital detoxing relaxing holiday totally stress free, we can arrange transportation to and from Okehampton station via a local taxi company. To plan your train journey go to


Making the most

Saving resources

We work hard to harvest and re-use our natural resources including rain water which runs off to plough back into the land.  We also minimise using additional resources including electricity across the site.  We use solar power and LED lighting where possible, motion sensors for lights in communal areas and minimal plug and electricity use across Oaktree-Lane.  

Doing our bit


Recycling points are provided across the farm for the use of campers and glampers; this significantly reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfill.  Food waste is also gathered and composted, returning back into our beautiful natural environment. Why not leave your shop brought water bottles at home & help us reduce plastic waste by drinking our beautiful mains water so cold & fresh straight out of the tap.


Home grown produce

Our happy hand reared animals make for some of the tastiest and super local meat you will enjoy anywhere! Fed sustainably and loved and looked after right here at Oaktree-Lane, our animals travel zero miles therefore having minimal carbon footprint! 

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