Cabins, Camping & Glamping


Oak Tree Lane is committed to being as green and environmentally friendly as possible always making changes and adapting where possible to create a better and greener environment for everyone to enjoy.


We are passionate about recycling at Oak Tree Lane and make it very easy for our guests to be as environmentally friendly as possible while staying with us on holiday. We compost all food waste and ash which in turn goes back into the soil and making amazing compost for our flower beds and veg garden, we have designated bins for glass, plastic, cans, paper and cardboard and another bin for plastics like crisp packets, carrier bags and other bag type plastics these plastics get sent off to TerraCycle UK, even razor blades get recycled and get sent off to Gillette to be processed. We have very minimal waste that goes to landfill and have had many guests over the years praising our efforts towards recycling and our work towards the environment.

Supporting our Natural Environment

All our cleaning products are ethically sourced from Bio-D company and are all eco friendly including our washing powder and fabric conditioner we use to launder all the bedding and towels ready for our guests.

Being sustainable in our energy only using LED lighting where needed, no plug sockets in the Glamping units and only one plug socket in our wooden Cabins.

Our Wooden Lodges and Mongolian Yurt are totaly off grid and all fitted with solar panels charging a 12v battery to give a bright LED solution to lighting at night time. 

We harvest rainwater for watering our plants, drinking water for our livestock and use for flushing the toilets.

Our wastewater is treated in an environmentally friendly water treatment plant where all the treated water gets returned to the stream and back to nature.

Woodland and Hedgerows

Each year we plant new trees in our woodlands to replace any fallen trees and trees that have been harvested, we also maintain our hedge rows in such a way to encourage all kinds of wildlife and nesting birds, we are always careful when we do cut the hedges and always leave them as long as possible before cutting normally around three to four years and planting new saplings in any gaps or holes.


As a small working farm, we also sell our very own home-grown free-range produce such as our fresh daily laid free range eggs, the best sausages and bacon you will ever taste from our outdoor reared Berkshire pigs and traditionally grown mutton or hogget lamb so flavoursome and succulent an amazing taste. So tasty produce with zero miles from field to fork without leaving the farm.



For more information on Environmental issues and what you can do at home towards helping to save the environment please see the following links and remember if we all did just a little bit it all helps.

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TerraCyle: TerraCycle

Bio-D: Ethical, Hypoallergenic and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products (biod.co.uk)