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Cabins, Camping & Glamping

Calling all budding artists

Here at Oak Tree Lane, we take delight in viewing the notice boards as they are filled with works of art, photos and cards from previous guests both children and adults.


Due to the current pause on routine lifestyle, we felt it may be rather fun
in asking you to contribute to an additional notice board by asking you to
send in pictures, photos and/or cards as inspired by your times spent here
with us.

We will then display all of your fantastic works on our new notice board
and post a photo of your contributions on our social media pages of our

Stuck for ideas?

Well, you may know that we love sheep here at Oak Tree Lane, and therefore
you may remember a time when you bottle-fed one of our orphaned lambs or had
a cuddle with them. Maybe you had muddy wellies on, made a den, enjoyed a
bbq, stroked our beloved cat, Snowy. Or maybe you just loved the site of the
yurt that you stayed in. Whatever the memory, it will be a treasured one as
they most always are when you stay here.

Please either send an e-mail of your works to phil@oaktree-lane.co.uk or post to our address as stated below.

As we treasure every picture, photo and card, there won’t be a first prize,
but be reassured that you will be bringing a smile to Oak Tree Lane each day
Looking forward to viewing your delights!

Love to you all –
Phil and Sera

Oak Tree Lane

West Headson Farm

Bratton Clovelly


Devon EX20 4JP