With the environment and Global warming always close to our hearts we are always looking for ways to put back into the environment what we take out, we sort all waste generated from guests recycling everything, all food and compostable waste goes into a hot bin recycled into compost and put back into the Earth, all our lighting is LED with solar lighting where possible and no plug sockets, rainwater harvested to feed plants and water for livestock.

As from 2020 for every booking we receive we will plant a new tree sapling on your behalf, that’s a potential 200 to 250 new trees planted each year, please help us to help the environment.

Oak Tree-Lane was established and open for business to visiting guests in August 2015, with one of its briefings being to develop sustainable and affordable holidays which has no compromise upon comfort and cleanliness.




Being mindful of present day technology whereby addressing social media, checking e-mails and being generally distracted by a world of cyber, Oak Tree-Lane wanted to create a holiday environment whereby visiting guests were restricted in the access of such services, this a reminder of the importance of using social skills via simply communicating with each other and saving energy to charge devises.

Getting Together

One of the ways within which this has been positively achieved has been to create a communal camp-fire. This has been a tremendously successful, not least, creative, arrangement of a social nucleus as it invites and encourages families and friends to share in the art of conversation. Some guests also choose to cook meals around the camp-fire which only adds to the charm of spending qualitative time outdoors. Additionally, since the Mongolian Yurts, Camping and Wooden Cabins are located within traffic-free green pastures, this easily encourages visitors to play games in a carefree manner.

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Saving Resources


After much consideration, Oak Tree-Lane decided to decline the use of electrical sockets in the Mongolian Yurts and its Field Kitchens and Shower Blocks since this would not compliment the promotion of a digital detox environment. The Field Kitchens have no taps; water is supplied via a tap in the field close-by to the Field Kitchens and is collected by the available water jerry can. This arrangement encourages visitors to be mindful of the water they use and is therefore not wasted; i.e. preserve it, don’t waste it.

Lighting in the Field Kitchens and Shower Blocks is accessed via motion sensors, thus again, promoting the conserve of electricity since there are no light switches to potentially forget to be switched off.

Oak Tree-Lane’s two Wooden Cabins are fitted with LED lighting which has a significant reduction of wasting power.

Oak Tree-Lane has invested in sewage treatment plants which removes raw waste and via its natural bacteria and filtration system, enables effluence to become clean enough to be returned to the water ways.


Recycling is greatly promoted at Oak Tree-Lane; visitors staying in the Mongolian Yurts, Wooden Cabins and fellow Campers have access to recycling points on the farm. This significantly reduces the amount of waste into landfill and plastics which pollute our oceans.


Home Grown Produce


Oaktree-Lane proudly offers the sale of its own eggs, lovingly laid daily by our happy hens whom roam around their designated field. We also offer a fine selection of home-grown meat products of pork and lamb. So, whether you fancy a sausage sandwich or an egg and bacon banjo, a chop or two or even a treat of a joint of meat to roast, guests can be reassured that their meat doesn’t come any more home-grown than that purchased here! Home-grown and loved on site thus contributing towards a minimal carbon footprint! Yum Yum!    .

Establishing a Green Environment

To conclude, Oak Tree-Lane’s positive and effective contributions towards preserving and maintaining the environment has been achieved in a way which has had no impairment upon time spent whilst on holiday here. The promotion of having fun, enabling qualitative time with family and friends and making new acquaintances around the communal camp fire, observing the beauty of the natural environment around and the contributions in recycling, can only enrich awareness of establishing a green environment which is vital for present and future generations.

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Should you have any questions about our site, please contact us on 07931 521252 or 01837 871407. Alternatively, please send an email to info@oaktree-lane.co.uk or complete the form below and we will respond as quickly as possible.